Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amazing is Here

The theme for the 2008 Olympics is ”AMAZING AWAITS” and so far I think that they are delivering on their promise to produce some of the most remarkable and incredible moments we’ve seen in sports in a very long time—it is simply amazing. I thought for a moment that it would be hard for me to even watch these Olympics, let alone get hype. But I can’t seem to stay away. Every night I stay up to watch the coverage of all the sports I usually don’t even have much of an interest in, and I am truly enthralled and caught up in the enthusiasm of it all. I actually caught myself SCREAMING and jumping up and down as I pushed along our U.S. swimmers when they beat France in the relay. I pump my fist when Misty May and Kerri Walsh dominate their opponents. I got giddy for the male gymnasts when they were able to medal against the odds and felt the disappointment with the women when they see the gold slip away from them. Only the Olympics can bring out that type of passion. And for the most part, these are not even my close friends that I am watching or the sport that I know and love. Now that softball has started, I get to watch my blonde bombshell do her thing. And tomorrow, when track and field gets underway, I will watch my friends and fellow competitors make their country proud. The ache is there, and sometimes I get a lump in my throat watching so many have the opportunity to realize their dreams, but there is also still some enjoyment to be had in experiencing these moments in history as a fan.

I know that once Track and Field starts, my emotions will be heightened on every level. I will feel frustration and regret for sure, but I will also tingle with anticipation and get caught up in the excitement of it all. I know that there will be some amazing races. There won’t be 5 world records set per race, but they will be thrilling nonetheless. I want to be in Beijing so bad right now that it hurts, but there is nothing I can do about that. Beijing is going to happen regardless and the most I can do now is sit back and enjoy the spectacle that is before me.

In other news…

I have been asking around to see if anybody I know lives or visits the Hampton’s so I can get my hands on a Hampton’s Magazine featuring me, along with some fellow athletes, on the cover (shown above). So far…no dice. None of my friend’s seem to own a summer home. I tried calling Martha Stewart but she hasn’t gotten back to me. A lot of press I did this year came before the Trials and so it’s a bit weird when I read different stories talking about being and Olympian while I’m sitting at home but I still think it’s cool that I even got the opportunity to be involved. If you’d like to read the cover story that was included in the magazine, please click HERE! (I am the third story down)

And if you do happen to pick up a magazine and see my face, walk into a liquor store and see me plastered on a poster, or anything else that might be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity, please take (or steal) it for me, or at the very least snap a picture and send it my way.


anonymousnupe said...

If I steal it it's going up on my wall. Well, maybe the wall of my imaginary secret man cave equipped with the latest in female wife repellent measures. I might send it to you first for a signature or for you to press your lips upon, but not for keepsies. There's actually one in my neighborhood, too. I've told store owners Akmed and Khasim on several occasions, "Yeah, man, I so know her." I may have also slipped in, Yeah, she so wants me, too..." But you know I'm just messin' with the brothers Pakistani, right?

Anonymous said...

hey why are you an olympic ad?

t.v. said...

So Ms Glenn... Do you have four more years in you?

brit_brat said...

I love how they've made your nose more narrow and "white" looking. Narrow noses are hot right now, so I've heard.
Maybe you can special order that magazine or something...

ktizzle said...

Phelps is the shit. when it's all said and done i have a feeling he's going to be the greatest athlete of all time. just based on dominance. look at his 200free. he swam a WR 1:42 nobody else in the world has even broken 1:44. come on.

but you know what... it's still all about the 100m. T&F can't wait.

bri next time i'm at the Quik-E-mart i'll keep an eye out for your poster.

anonymousnupe said...

He's juicin', Ktizzle!!!

Anonymous said...

Contact the Hamptons Magazine and tell them why you'd like a copy of their magazine and ask if they have send you one. I'm sure they have a million of them around the office. :-)

I love hearing about your ups and downs... Congratulations for all your accomplishments.

Christy said...

I'm lame - I don't see anything other than the "Karolina Kurkova" article

Anonymous said...

Are you a masochist Brianna?


Anonymous said...

Brit Brat says: I love how they've made your nose more narrow and "white" looking. Narrow noses are hot right now, so I've heard.
Maybe you can special order that magazine or something...

So are you saying Brianna has a big ass stereotypical "black" nose?

What planet do you live on? Black people have been made to look white for centuries!

In the Marketers, Advertisers, Media's eyes, black is not beautiful. White sells products. And what really gets me, "white" is what sells to black people!

Don't hate on me! I'm just the messenger! Not the slave owner!


Anonymous said...


You look good in the video's (a couple blogs down). Seasoned, polished, yet vulnerable and real. I liked them. There are 3 or 4 in total but you only posted one. That was a cute jacket too. Funny, I would notice such a thing but did, although your right collar was folded under and it was really bothering me. Can you please try to dress yourself a little more careful next time please? lol

I see you are taking my advice from before and thinking of writing. I think you will find that in your writing you can touch far more people then you ever could in track and you will end up finding it far more fulfilling in your happiness in your life's journey.

Too bad you didn't watch the opening ceremony. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Whoever put that thing together has some brilliance going on.

Well, sorry to hear that your dating life sucks. I'm sure that will change very soon. Finding dates are easy. Finding someone of amazing character and substance is hard. Especially in LA, so good luck with that one.

I'd save those video's if I were you. Your kids would be very proud and you will want to watch them over and over when you are a gray haired old lady, with a cane, teaching her great grandkids some sort of lesson they no doubt will walk away saying, great grams is crazy. ha!

What did you do today? Was it a happy day?

I will try to keep my post on the lighter side of things from now on but no promises. ha!

Be good.

Anonymous said...
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Brianna said...

oops...yea the link changes i guess as the new magazine for the week comes out. so i guess if you didn't see it as soon as i posted it, it's lost forever unless you find a hard copy! :)