Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I think I may have a problem. I never really considered myself to be the “addict” type, mainly because I’m a control freak and my will power is pretty amazing, but I am beginning to see my shortcomings. I have recently noticed that I actually need coffee. I never used to drink it regularly until I spent my summers in Europe, namely Italy. If you’ve never had a cappuccino from Italy you might actually think that the one from Starbucks is good. It really doesn’t compare. But in Italy I used to go to the café, sit outside, and sip my cappuccino like a local. I wanted to fit in and this was one way I knew how to do it. When I spent time in Greece with a friend of mine, we would always “go for coffee” in the afternoon. The coffee itself wasn’t as important, it was merely a way to socialize with friends and gossip and I liked that. So coffee became part of my daily routine and once I came back to the states I figured I’d buy myself my own contraption and continue the tradition. I’d have my morning cup or I’d meet up for social hour at some part of the day. It wasn’t something I had to have…if I was running late or ran out it was no biggie and I simply went about my day sans coffee. But those days are no longer. I skip coffee now and by the afternoon I have a headache. It took me a while to connect the two because there was no way I could see my body actually being addicted to something. Not me. But alas, one iced latte later and the headache disappears.

But this pales in comparison to the addiction I have with my blackberry. Last Friday I left Boston without my most important possession and I simply didn’t know what to do with myself. Luckily it was not lost or stolen, as I had feared. I checked frantically at each spot I had been to at the airport. Check in desk…. security…bathroom…newsstand…starbucks…no dice. I called the phone and it was turned off. I just knew that it was gone forever and I was going to have to fly home and sell my left kidney so that I could purchase a new one. I spent the whole six-hour flight home in despair, not able to sleep a wink despite being exhausted beyond measure. But when I arrived home and looked up the number to the car service I had used as a last ditch attempt to locate it, I reaffirmed to myself that there really is a God. They had my phone and they would mail it to me…Monday. God has a good sense of humor I suppose since it was Friday. So I have spent the last four days sans blackberry and have felt like a part of myself was missing. I’m not that important, I don’t live a busy and exciting life, I don’t even like to talk on the phone, but I still felt like I was missing out on anything and everything of importance. I would leave the house and feel like I forgot to put on my pants or something.

But all is right now in my world. I have my blackberry back in my possession and a full bag of coffee in the cupboard. Life is good.


anonymousnupe said...

See. Why'd you have to throw in that last little bit of imagery of you without any pants?! I'd been doing so well. The tale was practically told and you had to go sticking that in there at the very end of the penultimate paragraph, didn't you?

Oh, wait a minute. Most of the time when we see you you're not wearing any pants. Never mind. Exhibitionist.

LaLa said...

I know what you mean about the coffee in Italy. The expresso and hot chocolate are nothing like here at home. I wondered how is it possible that the Italians can drink SO much caffeine and still sleep at night. At night after a late dinner, my companion asked if I wanted to go for a cafe. I said "Are you crazy I'll never get to sleep, it's 11pm!!" He looked at me like "so".

I don't have a blackberry but one of your friends was put on blast:

Bianca said...

Bri, I'm officially going to text you now and NOT be charged for it ;) Hahaha!

Nupe, stop being a dirty old man. Your wife would be sad.

anonymousnupe said...

Hey, did you laugh? And who says I'm old?! Besides, Ms. BIANCA, "She's Mrs. Nupe and she approved this message."

Is that why you never wrote back?

Anonymous said...

hey make sure you never try cigarettes, heroin, or crack because those things are way more addictive than coffee and phones. if you ever tried it you would be a crackhead for sure.

hey do you have nice hands? or are they like your feet? can you post a picture?

Anonymous said...

uh oh anonymous- that jocker eclectik is going to get you!

Brianna said...

hilarious...most track athletes are definitely addicted to their blackberrys. he probably took his on his victory lap. :)

Anonymous said...

hey miss glenn! are u going to our ten year reunion?

-c/o 98!

kludge said...

Great post. Funny. Is there such a thing as blog addiction?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Glenn,
This has nothing to do with “addiction” (or at least I hope not, beyond the subconscious type), but, as soon as I read this new bit on my company travel policy, my mind flashed to a blog you did on this:
‘Ryanair Blacklisted’; reason: ‘Does not meet our quality standards anymore’.
Uh, “Is not possible”.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yo amazing stuff-ms. bri. i feel that way about marijuana, coffe, a great dinner, champagnen and a great book everyday of my life. i don't do them all at the same time--i spread the love throughout the day-Lol i hope ur well the shopping on newberry street in beantown is hot--joep. in vegas sometimes d.c.--what did ya think about the DNC--are you gonna be on d.c for the congressional black caucus in sept. if you can't find a man during this 4 day event--in our nations capital--i really don't know what to say==:)

Eb the Celeb said...

crackberry x coffee

lucky for me I hate coffee

but I know those 2 c's have to be a handful

Anonymous said...

Did you know that coffee stunts the performance of world class athletes?

Is your left kidney still on the market because I'd like to buy it?


p.s. Chicken noodle or Clam Chowder? :)!

brit_brat said...

can you block people from being able to comment on your blog? because honestly I see a few who should either GROW UP or be silenced.

Anonymous said...

brit brat....Nice to meet you.....not that you are speaking to me personally (just because you follow my post) as I do see some comments above which I most certainly would (not block and delete) but watch his/her IP address as all blog owners can do and see if they are just a "Troll" to dish on anything and everything without care or cause.

The person is completely anonymous and only seems to have hateful comments and is obviously very young and boyish. I agree.

If a person can't sign his or her name, myspace page link, Social Security number, etc, then they should not be allowed to comment.

See, the thing is, that Brianna's Blog is no longer "Brianna's Blog" is MUCH MUCH bigger.

It is now attracting people from all walks of life and social backgrounds. And Why? Brianna has something special about her, that her agent doesn't quite get, and she doesn't either. It will come to her, how to capitalize on this blog. She is smart. It will come, don't worry.

I say to you brit brat, not to put a blanket over Brianna's creativeness just because you are family or friends with her. Don't start censoring speach now. This is the time for her!

What really needs to happen, is to not start deleting members as though Brianna's So Called Blog is for only family members and friends!

Take this blog larger. Take this blog public for everyone. The Bri'ster will need "MODS" as they are called, aka, Moderators who moderate the blog and delete members, delete comments, etc. She can't possibly do everything.

I would have thought her agent or other professional people in Brianna's career path guiding would have advised her of this ......but oh well.....I guess, they just suck and need to be replaced!

As they say, JMHO! (Just MY Humble Opinion!) Do any of the so called advisor's care to reply? I suspect not, as when the so called professionals suck, they have nothing to say.


Anonymous said...

medo--i think brit brat was addressing me bro. in short i wa stoned and irresponsible and i apologize to brianna and her family and friends. however i do think you have many strong points. brianna's on the brink of big time with this--blog--yo bri--get an agent and lawyer and brand this asap!
joep. vegas sometimes d.c.