Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Picture of the Week: Christmas Celebrations

Well I am enjoying myself immensely so far during this holiday vacation and I have been running around like crazy so I haven't had much time to think or blog but I figured I would share some of my trip so far with a couple of pictures...since everybody knows Brianna doesn't go anywhere without her camera!

I went to a Christmas party on Saturday night in Los Angeles. I think the guest list was all black people that live in Southern California and own nice clothes. I gave my camera to someone and obviously they don't know how to count to 3.

Kash doesn't know how to keep his eyes open during pictures. This is picture 7...I just gave up and picked the one I looked best in! :)

For 13 years now, my friends and I have gathered on Christmas Eve to do our gift exchange. We usually draw names but this year we got lazy and just bought items that anybody would like and picked from a pile. I stole all the best gifts I'm pretty sure. Some of my friends just don't have that competitive beast inside them.

I actually made a sweet potato pie for everyone to try! Jasmine is pretending she is disgusted. She's actually a convert, thanks to me!

It's the Brady Bunch minority edition. These people have joined the clan as my sister married and added a few folks to the bunch.


brittany...the better looking sister said...

I might have a big family, but atleast were all cute!

Liz said...

Goodness, you are related to a very good looking bunch of folks. You can say they got it from you! :) You look lovely and happy.

Christy said...

Glad you were able to be home for the holidays and get together with family and friends. We were in Tahoe and it was AMAZING!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


Marcus said...

And you didn't believe Kash was Asian.