Thursday, December 13, 2007

old traditions with new friends

For years now...well, actually only those years I have been a resident of Los friends and I have what we call ANTM night. (America's Next Top Model if you live under a rock.) It is the one show that we all watch and are addicted to. This is saying a lot... not for me because I am somewhat of a T.V. whore and can become addicted to anything, but moreso for Melanie who likes to be anti-T.V. just because, and Bianca, who I believe still doesn't even have cable! Hello Mrs. Flinstone, welcome to 2007! Anyway, we have made it our custom to have that one night to eat, gossip, and watch mind-numbing television.

Since I moved away right in the middle of season 9, I have had nobody to share this hour of my life with and I miss it...especially when Bianca finally got voted off last week . I just know there would have been some hi-fives and cheers for that one! Instead it was just me, all alone in my small, dark apartment, eating a chicken breast for one. (key violin). So imagine my elation when this week, for the season finale no less, my new friend in the Old Pueblo invited me to dinner and back to her house for some time spent in reality t.v. heaven. It may not seem like much to most of you, but these are the types of things that make me feel like it's ok that this is temporarily my home--friends and fun. It is Tucson at it's best.


Teej said...

Its all about the little things honey ;)

Bianca said...

1). I have cable.

2). Who is this mystery friend?

3). I love you.

Christy said...

Ya know...I'm right w/ya. I mean, I live in LA and it STILL doesn't feel like "home" - I don't have anyone (besides the bf) to hang and watch TV with - and I sure can't get him to watch ANTM (although I did get him to come to the wrap party with me a few years ago). BTW, is it me or are the girls on that show getting uglier every year?!?

melanie said...

its weird, because i could swear i posted a comment to this blog already, and now its not here. i must not have clicked the publish button. oops. my comment was very darling and witty, too, but now i can't remember what it said...whatever. anyway, stop having a substitute friend on antm night. you can only watch project runway or something. i have no stake in that program. i don't even get that channel. what channel is it on? ;o)