Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Almost Famous...

(screenshot I took after watching a clip of the infomercial on youtube.)

It seems that my physique is extremely recognizable. Well…my abdominal section is at least. For the last couple of weeks I've been getting messages from people who happen to be up at 3 am watching infomercials. And the really cool part is, they spotted me on their television! Over the summer I had filmed a series of workout videos for TapouT, and the infomercial for these new workout DVD's has now hit the airwaves. You don't see many close up shots of me in the infomercial portion, probably due to the fact that I was hired to do these videos, and the majority of the other people were participants in the program that transformed their bodies. So, there is a lot more focus on their success stories and the before/after pictures. I didn't participate in the 90 day program and according to my sister, they'd need a baby picture if they wanted to get my "before" body. The videos also feature professional MMA fighters…and obviously I'm not one of those. So, basically I was the gal with the ripped body that you're supposed to think got that body by doing the 12 DVD's that you can purchase. In all honesty, the workouts really and truly kicked my butt. I filmed more segments than anyone else because of course I could handle it--being the professional athlete and all--but by the end of the week standing was a real chore for me.

Let me know if you happen to catch the infomercial…and better yet, let me know if you happen to purchase the DVD's and tell me what you think of these workouts! They are legit and all you need is your living room and your DVD player. I don't promise an abdominal section like mine, but maybe close. :)

To find out a little bit more about these workouts you can check it out here: TapoutXT


Bianca said...

1. I like that you blogged.
2. I didn't like that you posted your abs.
3. I like you... even though I'm jealous.


Allen W said...

Yes, I have seen the infomercial.

JonathanP said...

Yes! Return of the abs! It has been a while since you made an appearance ... I think we last saw you reading a book on a lovely beach. Or was it poolside ? I knew you couldn't stay away forever. Will TapoutXT give me BG abs? No, but the gauntlet has been laid down ... all 12 DVDs in one week.
Keep it up, 58 days to go. ~JWP

Anonymous said...

Great video exposure for you Bri. Abs are world class.
On another note.... Previously on "As the world of Bri turns" we begged you to drop that scooter in fear of accidents. (not your driving, but theirs) Now I hear Dwight Phillips was rear ended while driving his car and had an injury that hurt his back.
Bri, Bri, Bri, I'm more fearful of that same idiot type driver side swiping you while slurping a slurpee and eating a face full of food. We love you boo. Please drive an old houptee or something for 2 more months so yu can make th team.

Love ya kiddo.