Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a Bet

I train at the Olympic Training Center. It's home to some of the best athletes in the U.S. and the World, all of whom are working day in and day out to reach their goals and realize a dream. It is a great environment that lends itself to encouragement and inspiration at every turn. One of the things I like best about training there is that there are always other athlete's to push you and make you want to be better than you already are. It's pretty amazing.

While I've been away in Brazil, there have been meets at the training center to allow athletes that aren't traveling chances to compete and opportunities to get some good marks that count. The other day I saw a tweet from my buddy Lex that said he had long jumped a windy 6.92 at the competition that day, his best ever under any conditions. I immediately tweeted back at him how awesome that was and offering my congrats. If you're not familiar with Lex, he is a totally blind paralympic athlete, that trains and competes knowing that not having his eyesight is no excuse not to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. It's daily inspiration in the truest form.

But instead of tweeting me back a simple "thanks", Lex decided to throw a challenge my way-- because that's what real athletes do… we make everything a competition. Lex and I have very close personal bests. He recently set the world record in the long jump at 6.74, and my best is 6.81. His best mark overall in any conditions is now 6.92 and mine is a hair behind at 6.84. So he challenged me and said said the first one to reach 7 meters has to buy the other one dinner. And I was like, BRING IT. Why? Because I know we are both capable of jumping that mark but I also know how much I like a free meal, aaaand how much I'm not that keen on buying men dinner.

So, to make it truly official I am putting this bet out on the world wide web. Not only so that we both be held accountable, but also because I want to see us both reach this milestone sooner rather than later, so I might as well put some fire behind it! And also, if you'd like someone to cheer for and follow, besides me of course, I've now introduced you to the perfect athlete: Lex Gillette


Anonymous said...

that was a great post! I'm rooting for you both. MOM.

Wayne said...

Okay, this guy is incredible! Great bet, good luck to you both!

brit brat said...

I'm not trying to offend or anything, but if he's blind, how did he read your tweet?

Anonymous2 said...

You know that's pretty cool.

Brianna said...

he has a program that reads it to him or something like that.

Rachel said...

That is awesome. I didn't know that they had programs like that but I mean it makes sense much like they have programs for telephones for deaf people that translate the words to text.

Anonymous said...

Briann im rooting for you but im team Gillette all the way...Wes

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

Oh my! I thought on your tweeter you jumped 6.92! And was so proud of you!

My fault..for bad reading....

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
To be serious. How does he know where the board is?

And tell HammerHottie, Ms. Campbell, to throw Far!
I’ll check the results.


Usain Bolt said...

Thong photo on Rio please!

Allen W said...

I did check out the site for Lex G and am very impressed. Best Wishes and Good Luck to you both.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said..., you are puking in warm ups. Bad food. Food poisoning. I mostly feel bad for you in that Food poisoning lasts a few days of torture and you have to fly home yet. Sorry for this. Can I suggest a few days in Rio on the beach to recover? Just make sure their is a bathroom nearby.

Official Results - Women - Long Jump Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind

1 Maurren Higa Maggi BRA 6.80 +0.8
2 Keila Costa BRA 6.50 +1.1
3 Janay DeLoach USA 6.48 +0.7
4 Brianna Glenn USA 6.44 +1.0
5 Tânia da Silva BRA 6.13 0.0
6 Gisele de Oliveira BRA 5.90 +0.6
7 Eliane Martins BRA 5.87 -0.7
Vanessa Seles BRA DNS

6.80 won this meet. Spilled milk...move on. NEXT!

Anonymous2 said...

On top of the 4th place, the rain in Rio takes away her beach day so no chance of that thong or tiny bikini photo.

Anonymous said...

lol Brit Brat ... in the third Matrix movie Neo lost his eyesight but still had vision. Lex maybe from that world so the 7.0 jump may not be far away.

This is the second best post following your tribute to your dad.