Monday, May 16, 2011

Brazil Part 1

Perhaps it's my skin tone. Or maybe the fact that I've recently done the Brazilian Blowout treatment to my hair. Whatever the case, these folks think I'm Brazilian. They speak to me so quickly in Portuguese that it makes my head spin. And the best I can do is smile and disappoint them. Only English,I say,… and maybe some spanish that I throw out in hopes that it happens to be the similar words they have in their language.

When I got to the competition site to compete, however, everyone knew that I was the American. My event consisted of 8 competitors, 7 of them from the home country, including the most recent Olympic Champion. The crowd was loud, energetic, and full of energy… until it was my turn to jump. Then it was crickets. I was so sure that my top two competitors were jumping world record distances because the crowd erupted in cheers every time they finished a fair jump, that I just knew there was a mistake when after the first three jumps the lady tried to tell me, in portuguese, that I would be jumping last. Last means you have the furthest jump so far in the competition, so I must've misunderstood her words mixed with hand signals. But I looked at the sheet and confirmed it. Sweet, I was winning.

I furthered my lead in the 5th round with a jump of 6.74 and continued to funnel the energy my way, even though I knew it wasn't meant for me. The truth of the matter is though, I sort of enjoy the role of the underdog. I knew I was ready to jump well, but I certainly didn't have any pressure from people assuming I was supposed to win. Not to mention it was a nice change that the entire crowd to stay and see the end of our competition even after all the running events were through because we had the crowd favorite competing and they were paying attention. We were the main show and not a side show that was quickly forgotten once the last race passed the finish line. Imagine that.

I have two more long jump competitions while I'm out here, and while I know I won't be the crowd favorite, I look forward to competing in the crowd's favorite event.


Jake said...

Glad you are performing well. Keep it going forward. Oh and enjoy the surroundings. How about posting some pics of the locale?

jasmine* said...


Anonymous2 said...

Well there is nothing at all wrong with being mistaken for a Brazilian beauty. I can find it easily, but why not post a link to the results when you are talking about a specific meet.

Usain Bolt said...

Thong photo please!

Anonymous2 said...

Results of the meet are here and they also have a nice picture of Maurren and you.

Brianna said...

thanks for the link!

Anonymous said... happy for you and proud of you! You can be their new "hometown" favorite! Can you please tell me what 6.74 is in American :)

Aunt S

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

Dear Aunt S,

It means she is Finally listening to her mental coach. ME!

It means that she is finally having fun! Letting her hard training take control and not letting the meets take control.

"Meets are won in practice, not at the event" ~ Bubba Gump Jumping Academy

And she is now jumping distances consistently in meets worthy of her hard work.

I'm very proud of her. Together over the years we are now seeing the results of our work together.

But don't get excited. In great athletes after they have an amazing game or meet, they let down.

So, to keep her up, I have filed a complaint with the meet to take away the results in that her shorts were too tight!

I want her hungry. And oh here we go again, forced hungry is a disaster recipe. Meets are won in practice. You can't force it and a good performance only means a good performance.

I suggest she gets out and resumes a "low key" practice daily schedule to keep her edge.

A few of the hard drills...but most of the soft ones.

Lets see how the next meet goes.

Fun at in between. You were hungry sandjumper this meet. We just need to keep you hungry but not destroy your body.

Maybe you know how the balance? The balance is the key (and I know it's not easy, or everyone would be doing it!).


p.s. I love when we are online at the same time. Kisses and have fun. You've put in the work...just keep it toned.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
The official IAAF website has you as a lead (along with Mutua) with their blurb on Belem. Along with a big feature picture of you (showing off those abs again, lol).
6.74! Keep it up, looking good!


Anonymous2 said...

Nice photo on the IAAF site. I see you're looking down at exactly where you want to land.

Anonymous2 said...

Pics popping up everywhere now. Medal stand Belem.

Henry Tubbs Ford said...

Nice little video of it here. Don't know which jump this was but if it was the winning jump you had another 6" inches on the board. Could have been a huge jump!

Brianna said...

cool! thanks for the video. yes, that was my 6.74 jump. they told me i barely touched the board.

i think 6.74 is like 22'2 ???

Brianna said...

cool! thanks for the video. yes, that was my 6.74 jump. they told me i barely touched the board.

i think 6.74 is like 22'2 ???

Henry Tubbs Ford said...

u r welcome. I was surprised to find it because it was all about the Brazilian girls.

Anonymous2 said...

Bri, running 100's in Brazil. Now how about a pic of you and Mikele together. Henry thanks for the video link.

Anonymous2 said...

WOW didn't know it was that much on the LJ video. That has to be one of the longest video clips of a LJ competition I've seen. Thank you Brazil. I was able to see my two favorite jumpers, Glenn and Costa.

Usain Bolt said...

Brazilian Thong photo please!

Anonymous2 said...

Not a bad shot of Glenn standing behind Costa on the LJ runway. It's not a thong but it is a backside shot.

Usain Bolt said...

Ya, I saw that shot too. Froze the video for a moment to have a closer look. Looked a little flabby to me. ha ha. Further anal-lization and evidence is required! :)!! Rio is coming up, perhaps some beach time after the meet will happen? :)!!

Tatem said...
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Rachel said...

I have always wanted to go to Brazil. A friend of mine went years ago and fell passionately in love with the culture and people. Congrats on doing so well!

Millie said...

Brianna, I am sooooooooooo proud and happy for you. I pray you continue to do well. Love you Bri!!


Anonymous2 said...

You are moving up on the Brazil "like" list. They are promoting you in the São Paulo meet.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...


I'd venture to say that I am doing my job very well as your mental coach!

Ok, so good going! We have broken through the wall. The seas have parted and you are across the river. The clouds have cleared, the sun is shining. Clarity is upon you and you can see for miles and miles ahead with great focus.

Consistency, finally across the river and not just a good professional jumper, now you are one of the all time great jumpers!

Don't change anything. Keep the same mental approach, same physical approach. You are finally relaxing and letting it happen. Keep your new found habits and approach. Don't relax and slip back into bad habits. Those have been left behind now on the other side of the river.

My god, isn't it fun now? This is the greatest time for a professional athlete, when you are in the zone. Everything comes together, mental, physical, and all the hard work pays off.

Meets are won in practice, not at the meet!

Duplicate the approach of the last 3 meets and keep it rolling. Let it happen now. Your body and mind don't have to push as they know what to do. They finally have learned how to work together.

Meets are won in practice, not at the meet.

Good job baby!


Anonymous2 said...

They couldn't wait for Maurren Maggi to win one of these meets, because there is page after page of press on her. On the brightside the LJ is covered big time in Brasil.

Allen W said...

Seems like you are having a good time and from the other posts from other bloggers, they are impressed also. I will need to check out the IAAF site and see the video and photos. Good job!!