Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video Interview

I didn't do much of an update after my meet this weekend because I was busy turning old and all, but yesterday I ran across this video (read: was emailed this video by my mother who has google alerts set up to inform her of anything posted on the web about me), and figured I would share it with you all so you can get my thoughts on the meet and the upcoming season in a talking format. After watching it myself I noticed a few things...

* My teeth are huge. I mean, I know I have large teeth, but it seems that they aren't so obvious in pictures as they are when I am watching myself talk on video. Whoa.

* I can be incredibly corny. What was that sing-song at the beginning?!! It's obvious I don't work at trying to be cool.

* I talk faaaast and I talk a lot. Give me a camera to talk to and I will ensure there is no awkward silence or weird pauses.

* I have an Oakley contract... or I should at least. Who is the cool girl in the glasses? Well that would be me. Normally I would think to take them off but it is really easy to forget I have these glasses on, which is another reason I think they're so awesome. (Still working on that contract...)

* I may- or may not- make up words. Is "comfortability" a word? When I hear myself say it I question the validity of it and that's not such a good thing for someone who prides themselves on being a word person.

**I was interviewed by Joanna Hayes for Womentalksports


Jasmine said...

Those glasses? We may never talk again. You made Carrie Bradshaw curl up in a fetal position...and cry.

In other news, your hair looks fab.

Bianca said...

-1 for the glasses
+10 for your smile.

Overall: 9

Great job!

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
The sun glasses accentuated the teeth. Really.
Besides, you have great eyes, so why hide them.
I loved the head/neck roll on the question “you’ve been doing this a looooong time …”
I don’t think you talked too fast, maybe half a click, but not much. And that might be “you” in real life anyway.
Don’t be so harsh. Very few people really pull off on-the-spot interviews well.

Glad you got the “A” standard out of the way!

Daryl Thomas Frederico III said...

You are so lame sand jumper!

I guess we all have insecurities and the best way to tackle them is to point them out before someone else does. This way you defer the blow.

Nice try. Just curious, who are your enablers who allow you to spew such BS? ha ha

Truth be told, your teeth are not big. You are an idiot for thinking so. Got it? Ok, good! Ok, group hug for Brianna for on this day she has left this stupid, false thought behind her! Woo-Hoo! Party at Brianna's house!

One thing you left out of this but Daniel above caught it! "A Standard". Not sure what this means in the jumping world. Is this a World Championship year? Ok, if so, then I know what it means. Good job Daniel on catching that one!

Well, you're jumping further than ever. So, all I can say is perhaps you're listening to Bubba Gump Jumping Academy finally? ha!

The glasses suck and a chick took this video for if a guy did, he would have panned down to catch your perky...ut um's! (Sorry Mrs Mom B)!

We all don't know why life takes us in different directions, but your direction is a very interesting one. Thank you for sharing.

While you think yourself as old, and talk too fast, you are not old at all, and the talking fast is cute. It shows that you care. To be "polished" is not so sexy. There are lots of polished girls out there and you know what?...They are the least attractive of all!

You are real, you are the real McCoy (as they say)!...but no clue what that means. Perhaps something from the Hatfields and McCoys? Don't know. Daniel knows everything...??

All my best to you.

Anonymous2 said...

Are there any clips of you in the long jump at Mt. Sac this year? Runnerspace has over 500 vids and flotrack has over 270, but I don't see any of the women long jump.

Dusts Dad said...

Son, where have you gone? Your mother and I miss you!

Did you have the change? We hope those doctors in Rio snipped in the right places. You know your mother and I will always support your decision. Keep your head held high son. You will always be the apple of our eye even if you want to be called Dusty.

We love you son, come home and say hello to your mother.

Dusts Dad