Friday, April 8, 2011

America got it WRONG

My sport is decided on the field of competition. We all gather at the oval office, slip on our spikes, and put our best against the best of our competitors. At the end of the day, whoever performed the best is the winner. It's that simple. It is a talent competition and the most talented person gets to take home the biggest prize. Three cheers for objectivity.

Not so much with American Idol. Last night, my favorite female singer in the competition (and arguably the prettiest, nicest, and most unlikely to have morning breath) got voted off. And it made me angry. Why? Because this is a talent competition and in a competition that should be in large part about who sings the best, the best singer should not be going home with 8 others left standing. To me, that's like Usain Bolt running the fastest time in the semi-finals but not being able to compete in the final. It's simply unacceptable.

I know people like me are likely to blame. I watch the show every week but never bother to pick up my phone and vote. I figure something so obvious is seen by everyone and so there really won't be much discrepancy as to who the best competitors are. But leaving this in the hands of the 14 year olds who are more interested in who looks the most like Taylor Lautner, or Grandma Betty who has hearing problems and could have quite possibly had her hearing aid go out that night, is obviously a grave mistake.

I love competition. It's a relief to know that all the hard work and sacrifice I put in every day to get better is not going to be compromised by Grandma Betty's dislike of my landing technique or my choice of gold shorts. Unfortunately for Pia, she will not be the American Idol and she's going to have to watch the final go on without her, knowing she is better than most of them. It might make her want to give Track and Field a try.


Christy said...

I've never watched even one episode of AI - so I don't have an opinion about this girl, BUT I do watch Dancing With The Stars and I also know some ppl in the industry and the consensus is that ppl tend to NOT vote for contestants that are far superior to other contestants - thinking that so many ppl will vote for that person, so they want to give their second choice a chance. And I must admit to doing that even myself. While I haven't voted in years now, I used to vote for DWTS - and I sometimes did it based on thinking that someone may not have as many fans as someone else, so I wanted to move them along.

That being said, these shows where America can vote is a double-edged sword. Where sometimes it gives ppl a feeling of being part of the process, it also gives way for ppl to stay on for the wrong reasons (a la Sanjaya a few years back).

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but that's my two cents.

Allen W said...

I honestly do not watch any of these programs. Simply do not appeal to me. Sorry to hear that your favorite did not make it through, but when you turn these things over to mindless judges this is what happens. I have a feeling that she is already lining up a agent that will guide her in the proper direction. When I get the opportunity to check out the Track & Field article I will give you some feedback on that. Thanks

steveburks said...

I've come to expect it. Thank auto-tune.