Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog...

They say it takes 21 days before something to become habit forming, but I've never seen any data on how long it takes to fall out of the habit of doing something you used to do regularly.

I used to blog on the regular. In fact, I used to think in blog form. Life would happen and I'd immediately think about it in terms of a blog post, complete with all my witty remarks. If I achieved something, I'd be sure to let my cyber friends know, and if I was struggling I'd share that too...because no story is complete if the lows aren't mentioned. Plateaus are booooring. But it seems I've fizzled out a bit. Now, life happens and I think of how I can share it in 140 characters or less. (mom, that means Twitter.).

So now, after 3 1/2 years of sharing a good portion of my life on the web, I'm struggling to decide if I have anything left to share. There is nothing worse then having a blog that is irregular. It's not good for the folks who read, who come to expect and look forward to your completely random and narcissistic ramblings, and it's not good for the writer, because not blogging regularly makes actually sitting down to write a blog really hard. Nothing seems quite worth it or important enough to share.

So before I enter 2011 I feel like i should make a decision. Either blog for 21 days straight and making blogging a habit again, or say farewell to what has been a great outlet to share my story and show the world a little piece of Bri they might not have known otherwise. I'm asking for thoughts and insight because I've always felt like blogging was about the community. Otherwise, let's face it--I could be writing in my diary and do whatever I please.

Maybe i have become boring and repetitive...let's face it, for 8 months out of the year my life is quite dull. There's only so many ways to tell you how excruciatingly awful taking an ice bath is. And unfortunately, my dating life has once again found it's way to ground zero, so no exciting news on that front either. I already know there are those folks who think I'm completely self-absorbed and think My life is far more fabulous than it really is. Those folks love to comment for some reason. This is your chance.

If I do stop, I will write a proper goodbye post (this ain't it!)... And if not, I'm counting on some help to inspire me in the coming year. For now, feel free to share your thoughts. We can come to a decision together...


Dust said...

It appears you might be looking for someone to take over the blog??? Let me throw my name in the ring. Good Luck either way.

Joe said...

I understand your dilemma, Brianna. But I for one would miss your blog. It's an enjoyable look into your life ... from afar.

Joe said...

And, by the way, I think your life is pretty fabulous.

Dust's Dad said...

Can you post some photos of you getting in your ice bath Brianna, my son hasn't had a date in a while.

Dust's Dad

p.s. Son did I ask like you wanted?

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

You're not leaning forward enough when you type your blogs.

And you lack the coil just before blog take off with your middle finger on each hand, that I have been trying to get you to do.

I had to teach Jackie J K the same thing with her blog. If you don't have the proper form in blogging then it shows in the blog outcome and your desire to be a world class blogger suffers.

Did the clowns at the training center teach you this blogging technique? No wonder you lack motivation, with all incorrect influences surrounding you.

And speaking of poor influences in your blogging, you will never reach your true potential as a blogger until you stop associating with the Bomb (bad influence) squad. They are holding you back in life and causing you pressure to settle for the next loser who comes along. They are the chain strapped to your ankle keeping you in mediocrity.

Blog or no blog, either way to achieve the greatness you desire will require changes in your life and who you have in it as guideposts.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

I think you are a great writer and I enjoy reading your blog but it doesn't matter if I vote for or against the blog. What matters is if you enjoy blogging about your so called fabulous life. I think your enjoyment is reflected in your writing so your answer is embedded there.

yeni said...

Keep blogging only if you enjoy it!

Jasmine* said...

Don't be lame....STICK WITH IT!


Bianca said...

Blog. It's how I keep up with your life.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
I, for one, would miss your blogs.
But you must do it because You want to, not because we (your beloved reading audience) want you too.

And I guess Bubba Humpty-Dump has never watched Brittney Reese jump, lol!

Kiemie said...


You can do this. Many of your post have been motivational and extremely helpful to many people! Trust! as a fellow blogger, I know how feedback and be both a gift and a curse, but you have a voice that many people want to hear!

I also understand that when blogging bliss starts to feel like a chore, we can avoid it as if it ways 1000lbs! But none said you needed to blog everyday. create your own pace! But dont leave us!

Arie Jones said...

I like your blog! It's great. But almost every one on the comment list is right... you should continue if you want too!

And for all the haters: Don't read if you don't like~ duh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna! I haven't been by in ages and the day I do, you're contemplating to stay or go.

I realize I blog when I am experiencing certain things in life, whether good or bad. When that time passes, my need for the blog does as well. I've never been able to be as consistent w/an actual journal as I have been w/blogging. Though I did it for me, having an audience to feed off of made my experience all the more beneficial in moving forward in life.

I say all that to say, evaluate your reasons for blogging. Why did you start one to begin with? Has the reason been fulfilled? Is the blog still feeding you in some way? Would your life be any different/better if you continued blogging? Can your reason for blogging be fulfilled by another avenue? (Twitter has done this for me w/less words.)

I hope my long-windedness has helped in some way. =) Whatever you decide, do it for you.

J. Edwards said...

Brianna.....do what you want to do regardless of how others feel about it. If people aren't interested, they won't read it.You are obviously a telented woman with a lot going for yourself..enjoy what you are doing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your very favorite Aunt wouldn't know what the heck to do with a "twitter". The first thing I do in the morning when I get to work is check your blog...starts my day perfectly. It's so wonderful to know how you feel about things..and you always make me laugh out loud. And it lets me keep track of you...what continent you happen to be on. So if you want my vote, I vote for you to keep letting us share your "fabulous" public diary. Even if it's not every day! I love you! Aunt S