Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pictures from Puerto Rico

The crew...

My first night in PR and this is what we had for dinner!!

Friendly critter that was a guest at the property.

Are you wondering why it's so dark in the picture?! Because we were up BEFORE THE SUN! Poor kids, training at this hour is some sort of cruel punishment.

We thought we were headed to the track to teach track athletes and then these guys lined height...with no track experience whatsoever. But they were great!

obviously I'm just trying to be a good would NEVER catch me at the front of the pack during a jog.

My fellow track athlete, Chelsea, and I who flawlessly demonstrated drills with me.

Lead by doing...since i couldn't lead by talking.

Showing the boxers our warm-up...

The track clinic kids...obviously I was demonstrating long jump from the look of my leg!


Jasmine* said...

I love're such a natural leader! ;)

brit brat said...

please tell me you have a hot Puerto Rican guy my facebook...I'll be expecting his friend request any day now.