Monday, November 8, 2010

An Open Letter...

Dear Person who found my Ipad on the plane:

I’m writing this letter to you in hopes that you have come across my prized possession and for some reason or another, also happen to stumble across this blog. Perhaps you see my name and decide to google it. (Since I do this regularly, I know that this blog will be one of the first links to pop up.)

I just want you to know that I adore my Ipad 3G. Ask anyone. It has been attached to me like an additional appendage ever since I got it as a gift six months ago. It’s one of those additions to your life where, after having it for a certain period of time you think back in awe at how you ever survived without it. You’ve probably heard all the hype about it and wanted to see what it was all about. I get it. An Ipad doesn’t seem as personal as, say, a blackberry. It doesn’t seem as important as someone’s laptop. So perhaps that’s why you weren’t inclined to turn it in right away once you stumbled upon it in the seat pocket of the airplane. In fact, when I called the airline to inquire if anyone had turned it in, the lady kind of chuckled to herself once I mentioned what I was missing. It was a sort of good luck with that one type of chuckle. I almost got the sense she didn’t even want to put down the phone and check as it was obviously going to be a waste of her time. Unless the pope happened to be on the flight from Las Vegas to Denver and sat in the same seat I had just vacated, my chances were slim.

I know that. And yet I’ve called back to the airport three times since then, both in Vegas and Denver. Unfortunately the same guy keeps answering the phone in Denver and he knows me by now. I’m the Ipad girl. The last time he took down my number and gave me the don’t call us, we’ll call you… speech. I just don’t think he understood the urgency of it all. I have 20 people waiting for my next move on words with friends. I’m not able to lay in bed and watch the latest episode of Modern Family before I go to sleep. I have nowhere to go to look at all the websites I view on the web, from news to entertainment and everything in between, in one easy flip-able magazine format. (shout out to Flipboard…download that app if you haven’t already!) And can you just imagine the immense amount of boredom I will face when I travel from here on out?

So that’s why I’m reaching out to you here. Sure, it’s a stretch but crazier things have happened. I won’t be mad that you borrowed it for a few days because I can understand why you might want to. It truly is an awesome little gadget. But I would be so grateful if you returned it that I might even give you a reward. So if this is you (or if you know anyone who suddenly has an Ipad and also just flew Southwest), please hit me up. I am also not averse to meeting new friends who have an Ipad 3G they are looking to get rid of.

Brianna Glenn
Ipad aficionado


brit brat said...

Like my Facebook status says "when we take things for granted, the things were granted get taken."
Sorry if that's salt in you're wound but I thought it fit. I'd be crying right now.

Anonymous said...

Awww! If I were the one who "borrowed" your iPad, this post would inspire me to return it. I hope it has landed in the right hands and will be watching for an update.

myshel_01 said...

I hate people that take things that don't belong to them! I have found at least 15 cell phones in my lifetime & returned them all. I would just die if I lost my phone, Ipod or Ipad (that I don't have one of but still...). Lames taking things that don't belong to them!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is asking for too much also, but calling the airline again (speaking with a supervisor in customer service) they could call the passengers that booked the seats were you sat.

It should be of interest to the airline itself to find out if their employee would take items for themselves. Boarding passengers would not be so quick to pickup ipad knowing the owner could be nearby. However the cleanup crew certainly maybe tempted.

Tell the supervisor when you attempt to go back for your expensive equipment it was gone. Ask for a complaint form and replacement your expensive equipment.

Brianna said...

that's good advice actually. thanks.

DCLee said...

That type of dishonesty drives me nuts. I recently left my cellphone in Toronto, Canada and this nice man took the time to locate my mom's number, call her then drove over an hour back to the hotel I was staying in to return it to me. I sent him a bottle of wine and a gift card.

One other suggestion is if you have home insurance then there is a chance that they might cover it for you as well. I recently had my laptop stolen and a new one was covered in my plan so I got to update my 3 year old laptop.

Or you should share your story with Apple and perhaps there is a sponsorship waiting to happen for you. You are already a good spokeswoman for them. I read your line about laying in bed watching Modern Family and it makes me interested enough in looking into buying one for myself. And I haven't really been interested in purchasing one with my laptop as it seemed like overkill unless you travel a ton but after reading that paragraph I might reconsider.

Anonymous said...

YOU irresponsibly lose a gift and then have the nerve to ask for someone to give you another one?

Perhaps if you actually bought it with hard earned money (you are an adult right?) you would be more careful.

Anonymous said...

I think by now you have found your Ipad. But I found this open letter cute and funny. The last Anonymous was kinda harsh? dang.