Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture of the Week: Daddy's Girl

Today is just one of those days that I miss my dad. So much. It's not a holiday, or a birthday, or any other significant day in my life that is sure to bring forth overwhelming emotions. It's simply Tuesday. Sometimes it doesn't take anything out of the ordinary for you to remember all the things that made someone extraordinary and have you truly wish you could have just one more day to spend with them.

I was looking at pictures of my dad and the above one made me smile. My dad was oh so cool, and it seems as if I have followed in his footsteps. I knew there was a reason I loved my tube socks so much. I got my inspiration years ago and it obviously stuck with me. I just wish he was around to see his trend come full circle.


jujusa said...

I understand your pain Bri, my dad is sick since 15 years I didn't see him...
The absence of a father is difficult, but fortunately, sweet mom is there!
kiss you ;-) <3

Bianca said...

You are oh so cool too. And I love you.

Good post, friend.

Nikkie T said...

I remember when I met your Dad.
It was at a meet at ASU and he was there to surprise you. My parents had bumped into him on the road at a rest stop earlier in that day so they introduced me to him and clued me in on the surprise before you saw him.
I'm not sure what you were doing or who you were talking to but when you saw him you said, "Daaaaadddd!!" and immediately ran and jumped into his arms. You were so happy. Your hug lasted forever and I think you may have shed a few tears- I was trying not to be all in your moment like that so I can't remember.
I do remember how happy you were to see him though- it was more than happiness, you were completely overjoyed!
If there was ever a moment that could capture what a father and daughter mean to each other that would be it.
Everytime you talk about your Dad that's what I think about.

Love you BriBri

#2 Fan said...

Before I read the second paragraph I was thinking the same thing about the tube socks. Keeping this trend up with your competition outfits would be a great way for you to keep his memory alive.

brit brat said...

ugh...automatic tears. I love that all these pictures are surfacing, just wish there were some of him and I. Guess cameras weren't in style from 83 till I reached 4th grade :(

waggs said...

Bri, you made me cry! I'm loving the classic coke and "real people" shirt, but most of all I love how sweet your words are. I'm sorry. ox...

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Anonymous said...

eh. strange thoughts :)

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