Monday, August 3, 2009

I Jump in Sand

I had an absolutely dreadful competition in Stockholm, my last competition before World Championships. I’m not sure how many of you actually follow and keep track of such things, but I figured it was worth mentioning nonetheless. I’ve actually had some people wonder if I even competed as I wasn’t present in the competition that was shown. That actually sounded just fine to me. Yes…that’s it…I wasn’t even there! But unfortunately that isn’t the case. And in case you did see the results… no, I did not jump blindfolded, with ankle weights strapped on, or headfirst into a tornado. I simply had a bad day that consisted of one ridiculous jump, two fouls, and a front row seat to watch the rest of the competition unfold.

But I’m not here to focus on the negative and all the things that I simply can’t change. I don’t all the sudden not know how to jump far. I realize the timing of this snafu is a bit bothersome as it might not be the best way to build confidence heading into the biggest meet of my life. There is no fun to be had in working and not getting paid, but what’s done is done. I had my moment of worry and concern… wondering why all of the sudden I seem to be heading in the wrong direction, and how come I couldn’t pull it together when I felt so good physically and mentally, and could this possibly mean that I didn’t know how to prepare mentally… but then I listened to a wise friend of mine who was patiently sitting there listening to my drama. He said to me, ”You know what Bri, sometimes you have to remind yourself that you’re just out there jumping in sand.”

And for me, a wiser piece of advice could not have been given. It is in my nature to freak out when I don’t have things go according to the plan I’ve made in my head. My preparation for Berlin included two standout performances in London and Stockholm, which obviously did not materialize. It is up to me to figure out why and make the proper adjustments. But I also just need to chill out, so to speak. I. Jump. In. Sand. Yes, it is my career, one that is extremely important to me and to which I have sacrificed and struggled a great deal for. But it’s still just a sport. At the end of the year is anyone but me going to remember the awful performance I had in Stockholm? Probably not. And me giving it too much energy is most certainly not going to help me jump far in Berlin. So now I have three weeks to prepare and my goal is simple: Jump farther in sand.


Anonymous said...

Just forget the performance you were not happy about and be happy about the one to come where you'll:
Float like a butterfly &
jump like a Bri!
Christopher from Munich

Anonymous said...

I felt for you sitting there at the end of the bench. Don't worry yourself of the last meet. It was not the WORLDS. You can get some rst now and restart your diet from stateside. ONce you are in the USA villae with the team you will be revitalized for success. Go ahead and make a splash 9 inches further in the sand than your PR. heres a medal at that distance.

Diandra Ann said...

Oh Brianna. I know I should say something like you'll do great next time, or that I'm praying for you, or that this was a learning experience, and all of those things are true, but I cannot stop LAUGHING! That was hilarious! Seriously. You're hysterical! Hope to see you when you're back :)

Bianca said...

I agree with Diandra. I laughed. Not sure if that was the reaction you wanted, but I think you're hilarious.

Jump FURTHER in sand,

Jackie E. said...

Hey Brianna so unfortunately, such is the way of our sport. We can be in the best shape mentally and physically and for one reason or another on a given day, things just don't pan out. I remember two successive meets a few years A) 6.19m, meet B) 1 week later, 6.78m. Nothing changed, my technique wasn't somehow that much improved. I just took a moment and gathered myself and KNEW that I was ready. You'll be just fine. The odds are in your favor. You've had far more good performances this year than not and so if you were gonna have a bad one, better it be in Stockholm than Berlin.

Good luck to you over there!!!! Your body is your tool, your mind is your weapon. Trust that and then just let it all hang out!!

Brianna said...

@christopher...thank you! I'll be thinking of butterflies! must have there! that's the only way you would've seen me. :)

@diandra...I try not to lose my sense of humor! glad you can see that.

Brianna said...

@bianca...please inform mel that i'm the funniest! are right. and I like that "body is your tool, mind is your weapon..." I'm going to steal that for my next tweet if you don't mind. :)

Jasmine said...

Okay, so don't go and get all're funny. SOMETIMES! ;)
I love you and while I want you to jump further in the sand, I want you--moreso--to jump closer to God.

Anonymous said...

would you trade this last performance for a top 3 finish in berlin?--yes you would--so homie thats where you should be at--ur last meet was just a mear stepping stone to that platform--no time to freak out buddie--here is my point--in the military a missle is fired but b4 it is it is given a target--when it is adjustments are made along the way--a laser guides it in the right direction and corrects its course--the closer it it gets the more stress fights its targeted aim--things appear to not make sense--and at the last moment with certain accuracy--BAMMMM!--that missle hits it target--right up its waaaazzzzooo--ms. glenn--believe me ur on target-ur on course-when you stand on the runway in berlin--follow that "laser beam" it'll take you where you want to go!--all the best to you--joe p. dc/vegas

fstevens said...

You will do fine, at the WC in a few days. Just "DO YOU," and trust that God has a plan for your success, no matter the outcome. Like you said, "just jumping in sand."

Brianna said...

a lot of people seem to miss that I'm doing just fine...mentally and physically. just because i tend to air ALL my thoughts, doesn't mean I only have negative ones. I am actually quite positive right now.

(just directed towards some commenters and some mail i've received directly)