Monday, March 19, 2012

My First Week...

My first week in Daytona Beach, Florida was probably not the norm and was perhaps not very indicative of what my time here will be like. There was the whole issue of being homeless when I arrived, the fact that there were an extra 500,000 inhabitants on Harley's zipping past me, and the sad realization that I hadn't yet found a convenient Starbucks location close by, that all probably contributed to my feeling of unease. Slowly but surely though, I find myself settling in. I will have a lot more time on my hands here in Florida than I did in San Diego. At the training center, we made training a full time job and I would oftentimes be up there from morning till evening, taking my time fitting everything in and with no real reason to finish quickly. Out here I am finished by early afternoon every day and that leaves a whole lot of extra hours to try and fill. I don't really have friends (currently accepting applications) and this city is not very action-packed after the bikers leave, but the beach is two blocks away from where I'm staying and that is one very big positive if I can find myself a large enough shade umbrella. Here is what my first week has looked like though…

Bike Week:

I rode on the back of this bike and saw all the craziness first hand. It just so happened that on my shuttle down from Orlando I was chatted up by two seemingly normal bikers who agreed to be my buddy for my first few days in Daytona and happened to be staying in the hotel right next to mine. It was kind of a cool experience.

The Beach:

The beaches here are actually really nice and the sand is so hard packed that we even did a workout on it on Saturday. I have a feeling I will be spending lots of my free time here.


As of right now I don't have cable or internet unless I can steal a weak signal from the neighbor. So some of the time I would normally be wasting rotting my brain is spent reading in my backyard. It's actually not so bad, and a very new experience to even have a backyard!

Most important though, is that I feel incredibly affirmed that I am in the right place and am doing what I am supposed to do out here in regards to my training. It may take a little while to feel part of the group or to not look like a lost puppy during the warmup that is very unfamiliar to me, but I feel good about where I'm at and what I will be doing. That is what matters most.


Anonymous said...

It's an Olympic year and you gotta do what you gotta do. This move will pay off in the end. Just keep your head up and keep grinding. Friends will come soon enough. I figure it's pretty easy for you.;)All us athletes make different sacrifices/changes, especially during a year such as this. stay focused to your goal and there's no doubt you will achieve it. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in your coach. But most importantly have faith and God and nothing will be impossible. Stay Blessed!

Anonymous said...

Which school do you train at? Who is in your training group? Are you a sprinter again?

I pray you can handle our humidity and pollens. If so, your career will blossom here.

Demitri said...

My sentiments exactly. Welcome to the south end of the USA. The Heat wont be a problem to and Arizona lover, but Humidity will present some adjustments. Enjoy the beach life.
Goto Disney/Seaworld/Universal in Orlando when you are bored in Daytona. Its like a modern New York/LA/BIG CITY with tons of shows and concerts, etc... It helps to keep a mix of destinations. Tampa also works.

What is your schedule???? I would like to see you run again also.

Anonymous said...

Please get Bri to run some 100m races. Also publish a schedule for her somewhere. We want more sprinting Bri!
You once were fast enough to make the 4x100 pool, so get that speed up an the Long jump will follow.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I certainly appreciate you referring to us as seemingly normal bikers:) Hope all is going well and I wasn't kidding when I said it turns into a ghost town. don't be shy, you have a friend

DCLee said...

Hey Brianna. Daytona can be a cool place. You should definitely try to travel up the coast about 90 minutes and visit a place called Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach if you get a free day. You won't regret it. The beaches are fantastic! I grew up there and really recommend it. If you go go make sure to visit the Palace Saloon downtown and eat at the Crab Trap if you like Seafood and try Fantastic Fudge downtown if you are on a cheat day and can have ice cream! Daytona can be very touristy while Fernandina is a quiet town despite the tourism.