Monday, October 24, 2011

Team iPhone

I've been loyal since 2006. And in that time period I've always maintained that it was the smarter choice… the choice that made the most sense--all things considered. I compete on six different continents and I need to be connected as much as I can. Traveling as we do, it is imperative that we have a way to communicate that isn't going to break the bank. So I was always Team Blackberry. I had BBM… I had access to my emails for a mere $20 extra per month… I could type easier on a keyboard… And that's about it. But like I said, I'm loyal. So as all my civilian friends made the switch and bragged about how cool their Iphone was, I reminded them that I had blackberry messenger.

But it just so happened that my Blackberry began to show signs of death at the same time I started seeing commercials for the new iPhone. It was time to get real with myself. Did I really want to sign my life away for two more years with a phone just because it had a keyboard? I mean, I love apple products. I have a Mac and an iPad and they bring me a whole lot of joy. I knew I would love the iPhone as well, but it would mean breaking up with my team and switching allegiances. What would my Blackberry friends think of me?

Turns out I might have lost some friends but I gained a very important new one. Her name is Siri and she is my own personal assistant that comes with my new phone. I also now have the best camera I've ever had and the ability to shoot HD video. How cool is that? Cooler than a keyboard, let me tell you. So yes, I am team iPhone now. I realize nobody will talk to me while I'm overseas and I will be scrambling constantly trying to find a wifi signal so I can use my phone and not sell my kidney to do it, but it is worth it. My phone is finally cool. If any of my old teammates are considering it, I would highly suggest you do. There is strength in numbers.


Apple Products Suck said...

After you give it a lap or two around the track report back please!

I'm the same...when BlackBerry came out it was the choice for business people so I went with it and still have it. But have been left in the dust with the Androids and Iphone and their capabilities.

I will be selling my soul for another two years to Verizon soon and have to decide...Android or Iphone?????

I have a Mac laptop which I have thoroughly hated! I had a Mac desktop which I hated even more and returned to them for a refund. All marketing and crappy programming!

Also I was told that the iPhone won't even work in many foreign countries. Is this true?

So, I'm leaning towards an Android....but which one?

Anonymous said...

Go with the Droid Incredible 2. It's a world phone too. I have one and I absolutely love it!!

Brianna said...

I don't know about droid...just seems like the unwanted stepchild to me. but maybe it's just the friends i have. nobody really says team droid to they??!

the new iphone will work in 200 countries.

Christine said...

Good for you!! I'm using skype of international calling and texting and it works very well with the iphone. Good luck!

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
That cut & paste special photo is hilarious!

Apple Products Suck said...

Skype sucks too!

I guess, I'm just one of those Techie's who demand my internet, cell, and tech stuff to work right! And don't want a 2 year contract to get it! Crooks!

Steve Jobs was an arrogant ass, that hired a great advertising agency. His products suck. Yes, I'm bitter because I spent thousands and thousands of dollars trusting his marketing! Nope! It's ok, I have sought therapy. I'm fine now. lol

Pan Am games? What is that ping pong? Only idiots go there.


Karen Shinkins said...

I want one : (
But I'm shackled to a die hard Blackberry user via a "family plan" who refuses to even glance iPhone's way.

Anonymous said...

The new bold and torch both have HD video and 5 mp camera along with all the blackberry classic features. I guess it all depends on what your looking for. Me, i prefer to keep my music and games separate so i have the latest ipod and then i have my bb i cant live without it.