Friday, September 30, 2011

The Search

My life is in a bit of a funk right now. Sometimes I feel like at the ripe old age of 31 I should have it a little more together and not feel so behind the curve. But I don't. It's frustrating to feel like you know exactly what you want and purposefully be looking for it-- with your list of perfect features, your non-negotiables, and what you just know in your heart will make you happy and content--but you can never seem to find it. More than anything I want to feel settled. I don't want to feel like I compromise too much simply because it feels like I'm running out of time and the ticking clock keeps getting louder and louder.

If you are curious, here is a short list of things I think are important to me…

*Appearance: I don't need jaw dropping, but I would like to be impressed.

*Personality: I'm a little unique and quirky, so I kind of think I need the same.

*Location: Not too close, but not too far away so it's inconvenient.

*Size: Of course that's relative.

*Respect what I do: I will be here for 9 months, and then I'm going to be gone for what I hope to be the most important summer of my life. Flexibility is the name of the game.

As with most things in life, I guess I'll just know when it's right. But in my heart I'm hoping for the fairytale…that butterfly feeling you get immediately deep in your gut when you just know that the search is finally over.

Seriously though... I really hate apartment hunting.



Anonymous said...

haha!! Last line was great. I was thinking, wow, maybe I should step up my matchmaking. Good luck and hope you find the perfect match (or as near as you can find).

FunNyGirl2 said...

Hahaha that was awesome!!! And I just did the same thing and found THE perfect place by just driving around on the weekend in areas I really didn't expect to have vacancies. Wishful thinking pays off :)

jasmine* said...

LOVE it! :D

andrekel said...

LOL... Good luck with search!!

Anonymous2 said...

Well..Good luck. I'm surprised you didn't say they have to love the smell of....wait for it.....COFFEE

Allen W said...

Good Luck with all this.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
That was funny! Quite the creative post.

But the list is too long. Location and cost are about the only real requirements. Excepting people in life situations to choose as they wish, with little financial or circumstantial necessities. Don’t think that applies here. Just be practical.

Sigismund Schlomo Freud said...

The best way to find your future is to examine your past Brianna. Thank you for contacting me by wigi board for answers.

Since I have passed many years ago, I can't interview you in person so will take your statements as fact although in my many years of clinical study I have found patients do not have a good grasp on their own mirror image of reality.

Enough bloviating, lets get to the diagnosis.

* "Life in a Funk" is a good thing. It means you realize you need a storm to come in and cleanse your well being. I suggest new batteries will strengthen things.

* "ripe old age of 31". Well, girls only have so many eggs and all are given at birth so, you not ripe, you ripened many years ago. Fear not, good fruit crops still to come. Don't panic.

* "Frustrating....wish list". Many of today's 20's and 30's somethings have fallen into this trap. Society, TV, music, friends that are part of the same mindset think that what we see on TV is real. A few years back it was the baby boomer women not being able to have kids because they had careers. Now it is 20's and 30's girls who can't find husbands because of a false "expectation" of the "ideal" man they are to commit too!

* "settled". Never. But the difference is you need to adjust your "settle" meter. What you expect to not settle right now......I won't say will never happen but will say, your basis for "settling" is part of the generational fantasy of what the ideal man is.

* "clock"...indeed. You can't "settle" or change your wants. The thing is, you need to look at your wants and re-define them.

* "Appearance"...Ya whatever, I want Angelina Jolie. You will find with hotness comes bad personality traits.

* Size...ut um. No comment. Stupid request when you love someone.

* Respect for what I do...not sure whey this would be an issue. Has it been before?

The fairytale doesn't exist Brianna. Real life is far different from what you and I wished for and expected of life. We want and expect to perform at the highest levels but sometimes it doesn't happen. We want and expect Cinderella or our Knight in Shining Armor but it doesn't come.

Such is life. I actually think we are the perfect match, we expect the same things, but can't have them in each other.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA You got me!! Good one!! I trust you will soon find your perfect match.

Dusts Dad said...

Son, where are you? Now is your chance! This little filly is hot to trot and the barn door is open. Go in and lasso her son!

Anonymous said...

dear God, what's wrong with some of you, she's talking apartment hunting for goodness sake, did you even read the whole thing before you started analyzing. Feel better?

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Uh … just where IS the apartment? Your MyFace side-bar thingy says something about “southern folks” and grits. I’m assuming this isn’t south San Diego.
(Make the grits just like the Albers box tells you to. It ain’t hard. If you screw it up, just go to the corner Waffle House!)

Anonymous said...

You are not going to make it to London, that is certain. Many try and after all these years, it's clear that you don't have it. Nothing personal, just a fact. Anyone who wastes as much time as you do on a silly meaningless blog is not putting her energy into the right places. Having confidence is one thing, but you've gone overboard and unfortunately your friends aren't real friends because they would tell you. How sad. Fabulous life?