Monday, October 18, 2010

Muffin Tops

A few years ago, I realized that it was actually possible for me to develop something that almost resembled a muffin top. (Before you go rolling your eyes I have actual witnesses that can attest to this fact.) This phenomena was something I never experienced in my youth. I was a skinny kid—scrawny even—and developing muscle was the only way I could hope to accomplish any type of curves. If I stopped lifting weights and being active, I would revert back to my scrawny self and look like I needed someone to feed me a sandwich.

So, there were only two shapes my body had ever known… in shape Brianna, and skinny Brianna. But a few years ago I added a new one to the mix. Sure, I was still thin-ish, but the dough boy had dropped off a few extra rolls around my midsection and loaned me a few dimples in the thigh region. That particular summer I had taken a good four months off of training (one of my lost years) and proceeded to eat anything and everything my heart desired. Went I finally got back into training, my indulgent behavior was evident. Not only did I get made fun of when I went to practice in just my sports bra, but the process of getting back into shape was that much more excruciating.

That summer taught me a very important lesson. Namely, that I am vain when it comes to my stomach region, but also that as I get older my body does not act the same way it used to in my younger years. So, now I must monitor the time I spend completely inactive. I have a couple more weeks before I get back on the track but I have spent the last couple weeks getting active. I take spin classes, go to boot camp, and do light lifting…whatever it takes to keep the muffin top from reappearing. I actually like to exercise, and when I get to do it just for the enjoyment of it, I like it that much more.

So, if anyone wants to join me in my civilian workouts, you can find me at the 24 hour fitness. It’s my getting in shape to get in shape time of year.


Jasmine said...

No offense, but YOU'RE LAME.
You've never had a muffin top. Okay, maybe you did. But it's when you were wearing 24-inch jeans. THAT SO DOESN'T COUNT.
Air kisses and toodles...

Dust said...

On the surface, the muffin top appears to be the issue, but after digging deeper, the real issue is complancency!
A few years ago you were comfortable with your life. In this new found level of comfort the gym slid to the bottom of the priority list, which brings up the issue of women becoming comfortable in their lives and letting themselves go.
This is the reason I will be forced to put a weight clause as well as a body fat percent clause in my wedding contract.
Glad to see you are on top of the problem. Good work and God speed....yes I've been reading a couple books by Freud and Socartes

Vera Wangerbanger said...

Trust me...we have all noticed!

A moment on the lips, a year on your ass!

Junk in the trunk girl! ha ha ha

Dust's Dad said...

Son, I am proud of you for wanting to watch your weight for your eventual husband by agreeing to it in a wedding contract. I just hope that your partner does the same. Your mom and I are fine with your life choices and just hope you can find your own muffin top, or bottom, in life. Keep up the good spirit son. Love, mom and dad

p.s. The Bri'ster would make a good maid of honor when the joyous day comes for you son. You know she is getting older.

brit brat said...

this post makes me mad! haha